Lucerne Farms traces its roots back to 1999, emerging from years of land clearing and firewood cutting at Loch Lomond Farm in Powell, Ohio. Since 1980, we’ve consistently supplied top-quality firewood from this property. We’ve learned that superior quality in firewood requires no shortcuts, and we proudly offer the driest hardwood firewood in Central Ohio year-round. 

Feel the comforting warmth of our well-seasoned hardwood of predominantly oak and hickory, complemented by the delightful flavors of cherry, locust, black walnut, and sugar maple. 


In your quest for firewood it’s essential to understand that not all firewood is created equal. We provide a premium product—split and aged for two years, composed entirely of hardwood, free from branches or limbs, and ready to burn, upon delivery.

Selecting the Right Wood

We choose hardwoods like oak, hickory, maple, cherry, and locust, as they burn longer and produce more heat compared to softwoods.

Harvest at the Right Time

Cutting down trees during late winter or early spring when the sap content is lower, allows the wood to dry faster.

Properly Season the Wood

We split the wood into manageable pieces and stack it in a dry, well-ventilated area for at least 6-12 months. This allows the wood to season, reducing its moisture content to around 20% or less.

Monitor Moisture Levels
Dry wood is lighter, makes a hollow sound when tapped together, and has cracks at the ends.

As with any aged product, supplies are limited. All firewood is sold on a first come, first served basis.

We currently have seasoned hardwood available for delivery. Our firewood is at least 80% oak and hickory with the remaining species being cherry, locust, black walnut and sugar maple. The wood you receive will be free (within reason) of excess junk including bark, stones and dirt.

Delivery Days
Monday – Saturday

Delivery Areas
We deliver to Franklin, Delaware, and Union Counties, and occasionally beyond.

Pick-Up Available
Please contact us to schedule a time


Option 1


Face cord – 8ft x 4ft by length of wood

Delivered and dumped at your location.

Option 2


1/4 cord – 4ft x 4ft by length of wood

Delivered and dumped at your location.

Option 3


1/4 cord – 4ft x 4ft  stack

Pick-up your own wood.

Additional Options

Stacking is available for an additional fee.

Minimum stacking charge is $40 for a 1/2 cord and $25 for a 1/4 cord if we can pull the truck next the stacking location.

Hardwood chunks available for pickup or delivery at a reduced price for bonfires, wood stoves and fire pits. 

(3% service fee on Credit Cards. Prices subject to change)


We are delighted to provide you with firewood for the upcoming season. You can either complete the form or get in touch with us directly to arrange your next order. 

(614) 792-0012


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